The number of business jets delivered in 2018 rose 3.8%, according to GAMA, General Aviation Manufacturers Association, in a report released last week.

In total, 703 aircraft were delivered, 26 more than in 2017. The main highlights were the Pilatus PC-24 jet, which debuted with 18 deliveries last year, and the small SF-50 Vision, the only single-engine jet on the market that jumped from 22 to 63 deliveries.

Coincidence or not, the Very Light Jets category fell 27%. Models such as the Phenom 100 and HondaJet accounted for almost half of that fall.

On the other hand, the category of Light Business Jets was the one that expanded the most in 2018 with 149 deliveries. The best-selling jet was Embraer Phenom 300, but its sales were virtually stagnant. Among medium-sized aircraft, a slight drop of 3% while large models remained stable.

Pilatus PC-24

Cessna in the lead

Regarding industry participation, Cessna remains the leader in deliveries with 26.7% of the total, followed by Bombardier, which fell slightly (from 20.4% to 19.5%).

Gulfstream (17.2% versus 17.7% in 2017) and Embraer came next, but the Brazilian manufacturer lost a lot of space by seeing its deliveries drop 17% – 91 aircraft compared to 109 two years ago.

Vision placed Cirrus in 5th place, taking the place of Dassault, another that lost share (5.8%). Honda, though a leader in its category, delivered six fewer aircraft than in 2017, ending the year with only 5.3 percent of total sales. Pilatus debuted with a 2.6% stake.

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Embraer Phenom 100

See table below:

ManufacturerModel20182017      Var.
BoeingBBJ MAX 82
BombardierLearjet 70/751214-14,3%
BombardierChallenger 35060567,1%
BombardierChallenger 65023219,5%
BombardierGlobal 5000/60004145-8,9%
BombardierGlobal 75001
CirrusSF50 Vision6322186,4%
EmbraerPhenom 1001118-38,9%
EmbraerPhenom 3005354-1,9%
EmbraerLegacy 45014140,0%
EmbraerLegacy 500915-40,0%
EmbraerLegacy 600/65047-42,9%
EmbraerLineage 10001-100,0%
GulfstreamGulfstream 150 / 2802930-3,3%
GulfstreamGulfstream 450/500/550/650/650ER92902,2%
HondaHA-420 HondaJet3743-14,0%
One AviationEclipse 55006-100,0%
CessnaCitation Mustang07-100,0%
CessnaCitation M23439-12,8%
CessnaCitation CJ3+372642,3%
CessnaCitation CJ4292326,1%
CessnaCitaiton XLS211816,7%
CessnaCitaiton Sovereign69-33,3%
CessnaCitation Latitude57545,6%
CessnaCitation X+440,0%